Ranked Choice Oregon Team Members

Joseph Hoffman, lead petitioner

Joseph, who has been active in politics for more than a decade, came to recognize that “first past the post” voting, also known as “plurality” voting, dramatically increases tribalism and ideological attachment, and decreases measured, rational, political discourse. He began exploring ways in which voters can vote their conscience, instead of voting strategically and over-simplistically.

While living in Virginia he followed the progress of the citizens initiative that brought ranked choice voting to Maine. He was inspired by its success in spite of systemic legislative resistance to voting reform.

After moving to Oregon a few years ago, and after following the 2020 election cycle, he decided to be the change he wanted to see. He launched Ranked Choice Oregon as a ballot initiative to ensure that we, the people of Oregon, can choose to implement meaningful and effective voting reform.


Richard Fobes, subject-matter expert, writer of initiative and website

Richard Fobes has three decades of experience in the field of election-method reform. Notable accomplishments include:

  • Earned a bachelor of science degree in physics from the University of California at Davis, then moved to Oregon in 1975.
  • Wrote the book titled Ending The Hidden Unfairness In U.S. Elections which explains how vote-counting should be done, and why adopting fairer vote-counting methods in a region will dramatically increase economic prosperity for that region.
  • Co-wrote the Declaration Of Election-Method Reform Advocates which lists four vote-counting-method categories that are suitable for adoption. This document has been signed by election-method experts worldwide.
  • Created, and maintains, the VoteFair.org website which has hosted thousands of surveys and elections using VoteFair Ranking.
  • Developed open-source VoteFair Ranking software that's available on GitHub for future use. In the meantime he recognizes that early adoption of better ways to vote require counting ranked ballots using methods that can, for learning purposes, be done manually with paper ballots, without computer assistance.
  • Designed and coded the interactive website at NegotiationTool.com to demo how legislatures can arrive at better-designed collaborative legislation.
  • Developed an interest in election-method reform while writing The Creative Problem Solver's Toolbox which has been published around the world in ten languages. While writing this how-to book on creative problem solving, and while considering how to solve especially challenging problems, he realized that primitive voting methods are at the root of the world's biggest global problems.
  • Most recently, created the NewsHereNow.com web app that displays location-based news and information, such as the nearest non-chain eating places nearest to any intersection in the world. That web app is written in the Dashrep programming language, which he designed and developed.


Additional team members will be added when appropriate

They are already participating, but are not yet ready to be mentioned here.


Yes, this is a grassroots organization with no outside funding.

Please contact us (see below) if you would like to volunteer.

Thank you for helping to make votes count more than money in Oregon elections!

You can contact us, the Ranked Choice Oregon organizers, by sending an email message to “action” at this website's domain name (RankedChoiceOregon dot org).

Our postal mailing address is: Ranked Choice Oregon, PO Box 2351, Portland, OR, 97208